Hey, I'm Leigh!

equestrian & photographer

I've loved horses since the moment I first sat on one when I was four. Ever since, I've been obsessed with their ability to lift every weight off my shoulders, no matter how heavy. I can't find that kind of relief anywhere else. They make me feel like a kid again, free and happy to just be in the moment.

Just as your horse is more than "just a horse," my job is more than just "photography." I understand the weight of the love you carry for him more than you know, and how important it is to capture it.

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My horse's name is Piper.

After nearly 20 years of waiting, I finally, finally, got my first horse. (Super) long story short... her name's Piper, she's a rescue, and she kinda surprised us with a baby a few months later. That was doozy.

I'm from Boston, MA.

I grew up an avid Red Sox fan, I thought Tom Brady was my dad, and my love of horses probably came from Paul Revere's midnight ride. In all seriousness, though, even though I worship H-E-B now, I'm forever a Boston girl.

Coffee is life.

I suck at hydrating and never learn my lesson even when I'm super tired because my brain has this fatal flaw of thinking tired = a need for caffeine. So, in short, if you bring me a coffee, you're my best friend.

Image courtesy of Taylor Marie Images