Brielle Thomas & Relias de la Rue at Twisted Oak Farm in Bulverde, TX

Very, very rarely do you find oodles of talent paired with an incredibly grounded, humble, and happy personality. That is this pair, hands down. Leigh Fields Photography and Brielle have some history together with Bri's retired gelding, Midnite, whose ghost-horse session when LFP first launched made headlines over at Chronicle of the Horse.

Since retiring her friend Midnite, Brielle has begun a new partnership with the horse I affectionately call "Horse-Dog" because his tongue was out in more pictures than not (seriously, I haven't laughed that hard editing a session in awhile...). He's a cheeky dude, so I imagine he does it on purpose. I'm told that one time, he spotted a bag of treats near his stall and managed to pull it through the bars and eat the entire thing. Like, bag and all. Personality plus, that one. I've known Brielle for a little bit now, too, and I can tell you she's got a similar personality. They're a good match, these two!

Brielle and Rue (his actual barn name) train with Claudia and Johnny Conn at Twisted Oak Farm in Bulverde, TX. At the time of this session, the partnership was hardly 6 months old, but Brielle is dreaming of bringing Rue to finals and says "I'm so thankful for my parents and my trainers to have found this amazing boy. He has been such a wonderful horse and has already taught me so much already!"

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