Eden & Layla (Rumor Has It) at Russel Equestrian Center in San Antonio, TX

During our initial phone call, Eden shared with me that she has followed Leigh Fields Photography for a little while now and can't imagine doing her session with anyone else. Music to a photographer's ears, especially when I've already met and photographed Eden and her lovely mare, Layla (Rumor Has It) at shows before and loved the partnership they shared.

Eden has owned Layla for about a year now. The two of them are best friends, you can tell the second you meet them. Eden knows Layla so well and trusts her, and Layla seems to really be fond of her girl. At one point in our session, Eden was able to rest her head on Layla's head, something I don't generally suggest to my clients for safety reasons, especially with a mare, but I had a feeling these two would be alright with it. Sure enough, the two of them just relaxed into each other.

The whole session was like that, really; the two of them just relaxing into each other and having fun. I tend to have to prompt my clients a lot to get them to feel natural, but Eden is so infatuated with her mare it was almost like the camera wasn't a factor at all. They both truly made my job so easy. Honestly, this is one of my favorite sessions simply because of how much love and pure joy you can feel when you see these two together. It's that magic that only a girl and her horse feel. Have a look for yourself!

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