What happens when you're in a "the shoot must go on" situation?

I'll tell you a secret... anyone can take a decent picture when the light and background is on point, especially if you have the right equipment. Yes, you heard me right, anyone. Even you. Take, for example, my last blog post, where the setting and light were perfect. Now, a professional with an artistic eye and the education and experience to maximize the situation will do it far better than the average iPhone user, but for the most part, utilizing light and background are relatively simple concepts that make for some nice photos no matter who is taking them and with what equipment.

But what happens when the skies are overcast and there are no easy background opportunities? Sure, you could reschedule, but what happens when your next availability isn't for months? Usually, I try to keep my schedule open enough to move shoots due to bad weather, but this shoot was a special case and that just wasn't an option. So we worked with what we had.

I relied heavily on my equipment here. My camera body is known for being really great in a number of different lighting situations and I know how to do the dance with it to use it well. My primary lens is one of the best there is for portraits and eats up any light I ask it to. It also allows for what's called a really shallow depth of field, essentially giving a really great background blur. This let me get away with some tough backgrounds including horse trailers, banners, buildings, and other horses. However, even with both of these pieces of equipment, I needed to be very strategic with where I placed my subjects, which angles I shot from, and how I edited the pictures after the shoot. Trusting your equipment, your eye, and your skills are paramount to make a shoot like this go well!

Fortunately, these kids were really the ones who made my job easy. I mean, come on, they are so cute, super horse-crazy, confident, and fun. Absolutely the best kind of subjects and they warmed my heart the entire time. The horses were also so well behaved and the girls had such a great relationship with them. The dogs, though confused about this new setting, were also really great about sitting and looking in the right direction a lot of the time, which is a lot to ask sometimes if you know dogs! And of course Emily, who has just been so trusting of me throughout this whole process from booking to shoot to editing! Plus, she rocked every single shot like a total natural, though she apparently isn't typically in front of the camera very often, not that anyone would know from how awesome she did and how little direction I gave her.

I'm so grateful I got to capture this family and am super happy to share some of their photos with everyone. Enjoy!




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