"Hey Leigh, my husband just got back from a year-long deployment, do you think you could come and do another shoot?"

Ummm.. of course!

Aimee and her big black beauty were some of my very first clients when I launched the business this past summer. She was so patient with me as I awkwardly tried to figure out how to run a shoot and sent her some admittedly sub-par pictures (in direct sunlight, genius rookie move on my part). At the time, she told me her husband had been deployed for some time and due to the pandemic, wasn't too sure about when he'd be able to return.

Finally, after a whole year away, he came home!

I shoot all kinds of people and their horses, but this shoot was extra special not just because her husband had finally been able to come home, but also because of the rest of their little family. The sweet old little black mare has been with Aimee for many, many years. The new guy (the big black beauty) came about semi-recently in an unusual and awesome way. Then, of course, we have the two sweet senior pups. Add to the mix the beautiful area and sunset and, well, we have a dream shoot...


A lot of people look at pictures like these and just assume that the light was just that beautiful. Man, I wish!

I can't always fake it, but the setup was pretty good for this one.

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